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Taking Care of Your Christmas Tree

The full process to keeping your tree healthy through Christmas

1. Cut the base of the tree. This re-opens the tree stem so it can drink water. This way it doesn't dry out a few weeks into ownership. We cover this for you before you leave so no need to worry about this. Just be sure to get the base in water once you get home so sap doesn't reseal the base of the tree.

2. Choose a spot away from heat sources. Heat sources like heat vents, space heaters, fireplaces, wood stove, televisions, computers, etc. speed up evaporation and moisture loss of the tree along with creating a potential fire hazard.

3. Water immediately. After making the fresh cut, place the tree in a large capacity stand with warm water. The stand you use should hold at least one gallon of fresh water.

4. Don't add anything to the water. Research has shown that plain tap water is the best. Some commercial additives and home concoctions can actually decrease a tree's moisture retention and increase needle loss.

5. Check water level daily. Do not allow the water level to drop below the fresh cut or the stem will reseal and be unable to drink. Christmas trees are very thirsty! It is not unusual for a tree to drink 2 gallons of water the first day it is in the stand.

Expert information from the Minnesota Christmas Tree Association

Taking Care of Your Tree: About Us

Featured on KTVL

2018 Interview & Tree Safety Video

More than 7 years and counting in bringing Christmas trees to Southern Oregon. We only offer healthy trees that aren't a hazard to your home and accept water. We make sure you walk away from our lot with a great experience that continues once you're home. On top of that, we can load it up on your car so you don't have to work too hard to bring it home or take care of your Christmas tree. We hope you enjoy this video and the knowledge you need to have a safe and fun holiday season.

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